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Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, there is nothing more comfortable than riding from the airport on the way to your destination of choice. That will be made possible through a minicab or a taxi service to accommodate your trip to any of the major cities in the UK.
Minicabs are also known as private hire cars in London. But this will only have a driver if you have made a prior booking schedule. You can do this via an app, telephone, or website. Otherwise, you can do this through a walk-in booking at a registered minicab office.
Airport transfers
If you are going to transfer to and from any major UK airport, you can rely on Battersea Taxi airport transfer service. In fact, it is a perfect option if you are travelling for any purpose.
With a very responsive service, your flight landing time can be monitored to make sure that the driver is ready to meet you once you arrive. You can even rest easy knowing that your pick up time can get updated whenever your flight is arriving early or running late.
Private hire vehicles
A 24-hour minicab service are provided from a fleet of well-maintained and fully-insured cars. Thus, you need to pre-book your car in advance so that a private hire vehicle can serve you as quickly as possible. 
Moreover, you can get a quote on each trip during the booking and offer fares that are fixed and even cheaper than most taxi service.
Added comfort will be provided for those who travel with special needs. With Lewisham Taxis, you can get a wheelchair accessible vehicle suited for customers with disability. Such vehicles come with special ramp access to make sure your journey will be both comfortable and safe.
Customer safety
The safety of the customers is very important to us. That said, only pre-booked jobs are accepted based on the guidelines for minicab services. You can only do it through a company registered to receive bookings instead of going directly to the driver to accommodate your trip.
Note that hackney carriages or taxis are allowed to pick up passengers and flag down on the roadside. This is under the regulations of private hire and minicab drivers and operators in the UK, which is under the supervision of the Public Carriage Office’s TFL transport for London.
Minicab and private hire companies have fixed fare prices to protect travelers so they don’t get overcharged because of a possible heavy traffic going to or from the airport. The website for Lewisham Taxis can provide convenient service to potential travelers and get a cheap fixed price to all airports in London.
Corporate accounts
If you are on a business trip, you can take advantage of convenience and flexibility when you travel with a minicab service in the UK. With more than 15 years of experience in providing a transport company, it is our commitment to provide professional, reliable, safe, and timely service. 
If you are on a corporate business, you may enjoy a corporate car hire or executive car hire to provide business travel service. On special occasions, chauffeur hire can be made available for visiting VIPs that you would want to make an impression.
A number of executive saloon car or people carrier can be made available to collect visiting executives from the airport. You can choose from high-end cars like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, or Mercedes to add a touch of class, particularly if you aim to strengthen business partnerships or create a lasting impression.
Executive vehicles are available at Lewisham Taxis to suit the requirements of the customers. So, if you want to have an ideal choice to get to your destination while navigating through traffic and rush hour, you can trust that Lewisham Taxis can deliver.
Booking Lewisham Taxi services
Minicabs and saloon cars services can be made available by giving us a call or through our website. A booking agent will be more than happy to answer your calls. The basic fares will start from as little as £5.00 for the first 2 miles, which is actually a lot cheaper than a regular taxi or hackney carriage.
You can enjoy from a wide variety of vehicles to accommodate 4-8 persons, from a large fleet of minicabs and taxis to mini buses. If you are indeed looking for the best minicab service in the UK, you can trust that Lewisham Taxi can handle your requirements on your next visit.
The following minicab or taxi services are offered all year round in your area.

•    Executive car service
•    24-hour parcel delivery
•    24-hour courier service
•    Business accounts for minicab service
•    Fixed price fares
•    Airport transfer specialists
•    Mini bus hire
You can download the office customer booking app on your Android or iPhone to make the booking process a lot easier. So, on your next trip, make sure to consider Lewisham Taxis 24/7 for any occasion.


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